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Metal Stamping at Vertexnique


Wide Range of Designs and Functions

We offer a diverse selection of stamping parts with multiple designs and functions (more than 35 customers and 350 projects completed) to cater to your specific application needs


Gleaming Appearance and Endurance

Our stamping parts are designed to have a gleaming appearance and demonstrate exceptional durability, ensuring they shine and endure in various conditions


Pressure and Temperature Resistance

Our products are engineered with features that provide excellent pressure and temperature resistance, making them suitable for high and low-temperature applications, including heavy-pressure scenarios


Superior Quality and Customization

We strive to produce the finest quality stamping parts by utilizing top-grade inspection, modern designs, advanced technology, and premium materials. Our skilled crew can handle the most challenging design tasks while meeting client specifications and deadlines



We incorporate corrosion-resistant features into our stamping parts, ensuring longevity and maintaining their quality even in corrosive environments

Type of Metal Stamping Die

With over 15 years of industry experience and ISO 9001 certification, Vertexnique specializes in high-precision machining, sheet metal fabrication, stamping die manufacturing, and stamping processing services. Our comprehensive capabilities range from producing semi-manufactured parts to offering complete box-build solutions. Equipped with more than 40 sets of punch presses (ranging from 60T to 650T) and feeders, we have the capacity to produce dies with maximum dimensions of 1.6×3 meters. As a renowned and reputable hardware die manufacturer, Essai has established itself as a leading player in the hardware industry

1.Progressive Die

This type of die consists of multiple stations or stages where different operations are performed in a sequential manner. It allows for the continuous feeding of the material strip and enables the production of complex parts with high efficiency.

Progressive Die
2.Transfer Die

Transfer dies are used when the part requires multiple operations but cannot be completed within a single stroke of a progressive die. The part is transferred from one station to another using mechanical or robotic means.

What is Metal Stamping
3.Compound Die

A compound die is capable of performing multiple operations in a single stroke. It combines cutting and forming operations into one die, making it suitable for simpler parts with less complexity.

4.Blanking Die

Blanking dies are used to cut flat pieces or blanks from a sheet metal strip. They typically consist of a punch and a die that create the desired shape by shearing the material.

5.Forming Die

Forming dies are designed to reshape or deform the material without removing any material. They are used to create bends, curves, or other desired shapes in the metal.

6.Bending Die

Bending dies are utilized to bend sheet metal at specific angles. They consist of a punch and a die that work together to deform the material and create the desired bend.


With an in-depth understanding of the distinct mechanical, chemical, and surface properties of different metals, our experienced engineering and production teams excel in obtaining optimal results across various metal types. Drawing upon decades of expertise, we employ advanced tooling techniques tailored to harness the unique properties of each metal, precisely meeting our customers’ specific requirements for their metal stampings. Some of the commonly handled material types encompass

· Steel
· Stainless Steel
· Carbon Steel
· Aluminum
· Galvanized Steel
· Copper
· Brass

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